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What goes best with minty green tea?  Honey!  While we couldn't add actual honey, our tiny (but mighty!) osmanthus flowers have a honey-like flavor.  Paired with a touch of orange blossom, this blend is light and refreshing with a flowery aftertaste.  Not to get too carried away, but it makes us think of warm sunny days and bees droning around in the garden.

Blended with 90% organic ingredients. 

Origin:  House Blend
Flavor:  mint, honey, flowers


Sample pounches contain loose leaf tea.

Jars are powder coated glass mason jars and measure approximately 3 inches in diameter by 5 inches tall.

These are the best way to store your tea! They are totally air tight and protect tea from UV light. If you buy a jar the first time and be sure to save it: you can simply order a refill bag when you need more!

INGREDIENTS: organic green tea, organic spearmint, orange blossom, organic osmanthus blossom

CAFFEINE: Low. Green teas typically range from 30-50 mg of caffeine per cup but our Honeymint blend is much lower than that since it contains mint and flowers which are cafffeine-free. For comparison, coffee ranges from 80-120 mg per cup.

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